Monitoring and Patrols

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Guard Services

Mobile Patrols
A uniformed static Security Officer will visit your premise during the night to ensure all doors and windows are secure, and no unauthorised persons are present. They can also carry out a full site lockdown, entering your premise, and switching off lights, locking doors, ensuring appliances are turned off and all alarms are set.
Alarm Response
A uniformed static Security Officer can be dispatched to your site for any alarm activations or calls for assistance. They will respond, assess and report any issues back to our communications team, who will log a full report and email it direct to you at the completion of each job. In the unfortunate circumstance your premise is broken into, our officers will liaise with our control room to ensure the correct contacts and service providers are notified, and will remain onsite for the duration of that time, until everything is safe and secure. We will not respond to any more than three alarms in a 12 hour period in the same zone. If you ask us to we will dispatch our alarm technician to correct any faults rather than charge you for false alarm call outs.
Onsite Security
If you are running a sports event, require crowd controllers for a party, someone to monitor the coming and going of people and products, or if you require an on-site guard for a corporate event, we can supply highly trained, professional guards to assist you with the safety of your function. All our Onsite Security officers are experienced senior officers and are capable to lead a team or take charge in a solo position.
Holiday Service
If you are heading away for the weekend or taking a trip overseas we can offer you our complete Holiday Service. A uniformed static Security officer will visit your premise twice a day, once during the day and once at night, to ensure your home or business is safe and secure with no unauthorised persons onsite. We will clear your mail and hold it in a secure safe at our office until you return, and also check in and feed any animals you may have at home anxiously waiting for your return.
Welfare Check
If you know of someone who lives alone, or you simply can not reach a particular person, and you have cause for their welfare, a static Security officer can be dispatched to carry out a welfare check on your loved one, and ensure they are safe. This is also a great service if you have staff who are working late, or are alone in the office, one of our officers can attend and check on your staff member, and escort them to their vehicles when and if required. Our officers will remain on site until they have safely left.

Alarm Monitoring

Full alarm monitoring
Our monitoring station is manned 24/7 with professional and knowledgeable staff, who treat every alarm as a real one, until it has been confirmed by a key holder or a security officer.
In the event of an alarm activation, our operators will follow a procedure designed by the client, to ensure each step is followed correctly, and the appropriate action has been taken.
In most cases when an activation is received, we immediately dispatch a security officer to investigate. We only inform the key holder should there be serious issues, or a confirmed break.

Telephone Answering Service

Our team of professional customer service agents are on hand 24/7 to be an extended presence to your business. We tailor our service to suit your business needs. All your calls are answered in your company name. Whether you are looking for someone to answer your calls when you are out of the office, manage bookings while you are with your clients, respond to your inbound calls or dispatching jobs after hours, we can certainly help you.

Message service

A service that simply takes a message and passes them on to you by email to text.

Virtual receptionist

With the virtual receptionist service, we will answer and screen your calls, transfer them to the appropriate person or department, answer basic questions and act as a message service when the person is not available.

Job dispatching

We will take bookings for your company outside of your normal business hours and dispatch them to your on-call staff electronically by email, page or by phone.

Sales & Product launches

If you are running a sale or product launch, our operators can be on hand to respond to queries on your behalf. We will allocate a special team of trained operators who will have extensive knowledge of your product to ensure your calls are being handled by knowledgeable staff.

Whatever the service is you require, simply speak with one of the team, and we will tailor a package to suit you.