Secure your home with A1A

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The A1A home security solution is an integration of two powerful systems with an option for a custom locking solution. The Paradox remote alarm system and the Hik Vision electronic security and CCTV monitoring system are world leaders in home security.

This comprehensive solution utilises the latest advances in technology and remote monitoring to give you comfort and peace of mind that your home is safe and secure, always.

Our wide range of alarm, camera and monitoring solutions caters for all requirements from simple solutions to comprehensive large-scale property security requirements.

All A1A solutions not only use state of the art technology but also include best practice system installation and servicing from our highly trained technicians.

Our solution

The A1A home security solution includes a complimentary review of existing systems, and if required, a custom locking solution designed by our specialist technicians. Our home solution also includes state of the art alarm and camera technology and options for a self-monitored solution or our signature A1A remote monitoring service.

Professional, friendly service

  • Custom solutions designed by expert technicians

  • Over 70 years of combined industry specific experience

  • Rapid priority service, 24/7

Best in class technology

  • Best in class locking solutions

  • State of the art camera technology

  • Leading edge alarm systems

Peace of mind

  • Guaranteed quality workmanship

  • 10-year manufacturer hardware guarantee

  • 24/7 remote monitoring with self-service and professional monitoring options