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Our Services

In our service to you, we will strive to leave you safe secure and protected.


We are specialists in Locksmithing. Speak to one of our technicians about your needs for your home business and vehicle. We use the latest locksmith technologies to ensure we can deliver the best service to you.

Mobile Locksmith

We are experts in automotive Locksmithing. Speak to one of our technicians to solve any problems you might have with your vehicle access, security requirements and more.

Alarms & Monitoring

Alarms and security systems are vital to protecting your home or business, A1A has experienced alarm technicians to service all of your alarm and security requirements Auckland wide.

Monitoring and Patrols

A uniformed static Security Officer will visit your premise during the night to ensure all doors and windows are secure, and no unauthorised persons are present. They can also carry out a full site lockdown, entering your premise, and switching off lights, locking doors, ensuring appliances are turned off and all alarms are set.

Electronic Security CCTV

Introducing our Electronic Security CCTV service, Home Monitor. Home Monitor is our leading edge remote security and monitoring service designed to keep your property safe and secure, always.

Tyre Monitor

Introducing our Tyre Monitor. Tyre Monitor is our leading edge remote monitoring, fleet tyre management service for safety, tyre life optimisation, improved fuel economy, reduced labour cost and optimal operation.

In-Cab Dual-Lens Camera

Drivers love the peace of mind procured by dashcams, as those embedded cameras can provide video proof in case of an accident. Our remote monitoring service can be installed and active in less than a few hours.